G&M’s Certificate Alert and Tracking System (CATS) System

This system is designed to store and track all of your regulatory certificates and reports (companywide). Notifications of expiring certificates and standards are automatically sent by the system at 90, 60, and 30 days to expiration. Initiating the renewal process can be done directly from one of these email notifications by the click of a button. The ability to avoid untimely expiration of vital certificates saves time, money, and embarrassment.

The CATS system provides the following benefits:

• On-line repository for quick access to all certification documentation from anywhere

• Searchable to find the right documentation fast

• Alerts users of expiring certificates

• Alerts users of expiring standards

• Easy one-click renewal process

To learn more about the G&M Compliance Certification Management Service and Certificate Alert and Tracking System (CATS) tool.
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